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" I have several medical conditions that affect me in numerous ways, and that also require medications that have some negative side effects.  I get so much relief when I get cranialsacral treatments from Dr. Schliff.  My headaches are gone when I get off the table.  I feel lighter and clearer.  Over the years, I have met with many doctors and have had some unpleasant experiences.  It is not easy for me to be touched during exams and treatments, but Dr. Schliff was so patient, kind and understanding about my anxiety, that she help me move past it.  I even get adjustments when I need them and homeopathy.  I do the profile request for Rebecca Robinson to assist Dr. Schliff in putting together remedies and I get good results.  I know that Dr. Schliff has made my life better.  I am grateful! "

" For over twenty years, Dr. Susan Schliff has been my chiropractor.  She has been able to ease long standing back problems.  She is caring and compassionate in her treatment.  During the years, Dr. Schliff has incorporated other methods into her practice -cranial-sacral and laser treatment for example.  She has also opened her office to other health modalities such as homeopathy, massage and bio-feedback that add a depth of care for the whole person.  Traditional medicine had it's place, but Dr. Schliff and the services offered at her office have added a healthy dimension to my well-being.  She and her colleagues are highly recommended by many of my family and me."  
~ Liz P.

"I have been seeing Dr Schliff for so many years I can't even remember how many. I love her! She has kept my old body going when I thought it was almost impossible. Not only is she a wonderful chiropractor but she is an even better person. I can't recommend her highly enough!!

~Lisa R.

Sue Schliff has saved both me and the rest of my family more times than I can count. She recently helped me be able to walk like a normal human being after not being able to tolerate 5-10 minutes without unbearable pain. She is he best!!!

~Kathy R.

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